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Statutory name: Stichting GSP Rescue HR

Short name: GSPRescuehr

Founded: January 2020

Registered office: Zwanenburg, municipality; Haarlemmermeer, The Netherlands.

The GSP Rescue HR foundation is officially registrated at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands on: 28-01-2023 

Registration nr.: 89078187

RSIN nr.: 864872100

ANBI status from 09-05-2023


Postal address: Populierenlaan 179, 1161 SK, Zwanenburg, The Netherlands



Tel. nr.: +3859205055910

Bank: IBAN: NL28 ABNA 0120 6554 46 in the name of Stichting GSP Rescue HR

Objectives and activities:

The aim of the foundation is: to rescue and take care of all medical and daily care of German Pointing Dogs and other Pointing Dogs in Serbia and Croatia, as well as rehoming the aforementioned dogs in various countries, including the Netherlands, and the perform anything related thereto or that may be conducive to this.


The GSP Rescue HR Foundation is a safe, caring haven for Pointing Dogs that have ended up on the street. We offer this help in the broadest sense of the word. On average, 20 to 30 dogs live in the shelter.

We are specialized in the care and rehoming of Pointing dogs.


The dogs learn to deal with other dogs in the shelter and, as far as possible, are socialized again to gain confidence in people and in dealing with children, for example. They are surrounded with lots of love and all (medical) care and receive good nutrition, vitamins and receive all their vaccinations and prevention products against fleas and ticks in a timely manner.

If a dog is not or cannot be adopted for any reason, the GSP Rescue HR Foundation will ensure that the dog can live its life in the shelter. The interests of the animal come first.

The GSP Rescue HR Foundation commits itself that the dog can lead a carefree, dear and above all a happy life until his/her last breath.

We also offer, on site, help to people that we will catch standing dogs in need and give them a 'forever home'. We notice that this need is there and people do not know where to go. The beloved animal will be able to spend his / her time in our shelter and be relocated.

We always look for the best match between dog and new owners.

The dog is central to this.

The adoption does not end after the transfer of the dog. Adopters can reach us at any time for help with any adjustment problems or other problems they encounter.

The GSP Rescue HR Foundation supplies all documents and lists with characteristics of the dog. The foundation draws up an adoption agreement between the private shelter in Serbia and the adopters.


The GSP Rescue HR Foundation has no profit objective. Board members or volunteers will not recieve any payments for the work they do.

Revenues from donations, gifts and adoption fees are spent on the daily care and welfare of the dogs, veterinary costs, transport of the dogs (nationally and internationally) and any improvements to the shelter.
GSPRescueHR has submitted the application to the Public Benefit Institutions (ANBI status).

Board: statutory consisting of 4 persons:

- J.R. Heupers (Chairman)
- R. Neuburger (Treasurer)
- L. Benjak Gotic (Secretary)

- L. Heupers (Board member)


Decisions, both financial and substantive, are made in accordance with the articles of association, based on equality of votes.
Salaried support staff: There are no salaried employees.
Remuneration Policy: Only expenses incurred will be reimbursed.

Funding: Income is obtained from gifts, adoptions and donations.

Financial accountability / Annual reports: We will publish our annual figures every year. Additional activities and developments are reported on the website.

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