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Available for adoption at GSP Rescue HR

Here you will find all German Shorthaired Pointers and other Pointing dogs who are available for adoption at GSP Rescue HR.



German Wiredhaired Pointer female around 4 months.


Today we can welcome Lois!

It's actually unbelievable that the dogs are coming

onto the streets younger and younger.

On 27-02-24 a young woman found this little German Wirehaired Pointer puppy on the street. She took her home, but the dog couldn't stay there long.

We received a message from another Lady, who also helped us with Mike, if we could help.
Well what do you do……..


Today 02-02-24, around noon Lois arrived at Pet Clinic (our vet in Serbia).

Lois is around 4 months old and still has a few puppy teeth.

She is completely healthy and in good condition.

No illness whatsoever and for the next 7 days she will stay for observation at the vet and will be taking supplements for bone growth and joints.

Her TB and GLOB are a bit on the low side, but

with good quality puppy food that she will receive from Pet Clinic and later from us, this will quickly be on normal readings.  

Of course we don't have much info about Lois, at this moment, but we will put updates as soon as we have them.

A possible adopter must take into account 4-5 months before Lois can travel.


If you have expiriance with this breed and think you can offer her a loving forever home that she deserves

so much, please contact us. 


Click here for more pictures of Lois!

Lois(New name is Lola) is reserved for adoption

GSP Falko


German Shorthaired Pointer male of around 10 months.

We named this sweet and beautiful boy Falko and he is around 10 months old. 

He is a ver sweet pup and definitly no alfa dog.

On 20-02-24 we received a message from a lady (who also rescued and cared for Charlie who we took in our care in January 20234 ) that there was a GSP in her  neighborhood.

Someone had seen that the dog had been thrown out of a small white van 15 km outside the village.

The GSP walked to the village looking for people and food and ended up at the lady her place.

The lady and het friend took Falko all the way to Pet Clinic the next day.

Falko has tested negative for all common diseases, so that is really good news.

His blood still needs to be sent to the laboratory to be checked for Brucellulose and leptospirosis.
They will monitor Falko's progress for 2 days and

then he can be neutered and then sent to daycare with Ivana and the other dogs.


He loves getting attention and is very sweet. 

At this moment Falko is staying at the vet and is waiting for his passport, chip, vaccination.

As soon asall this is done we will give an update. 

He is neutered on 24-02-24.

Of course if you are interested to give Falko a

great loving home, just contact us.

If you are his perfect family, please feel free to contact us


Click here for more pictures of Falko!


Falko is reserved for adoption

GSP Prince.jpg


German Shorthaired Pointer male appr. 1 year.

Prince was rescued on 18-10-2023 in Serbia.

We got a message from Sonja from another shelter if we could help, because there was a GSP who was chased away in some village.

They said the dog was aggressive and started biting people. Of course this was not the case. 

Prince was very afraid and only tried to get away from these “people” Kids were trowing stones at him.

So of course we helped and Prince arrived on 19-10-23 at Pet Clinic for a complete examination.

We named him Prince! 

Prince had no chip and weighs 23.5 kg. Prince  was age estimated somewhere between  10 months to 1 year old.


He has been tested for: Heart worm Anaplasmosis Corona, Giardia, Babesiosis, Leishmania, Erhlichia, Parvo and Canin-CCV virus.

Luckily Prince was only positive for Giardia! Blood has been drawn for a Brucella test and that after 14 days we got the results that het was negitive also.

He had eye entropion on both eyes and he has been on surgery for that. They also neutered him and gave him all vaccinations.


On 09-11-23 Prince went to the Dog Kingdom shelter from Ivana where all the dogs are. 

When Prince arrived at our shelter, he was very scared, it was very hard for us to see how traumatic all has been for him.

So Ivana had to work with Prince slowly the let him get used to all noises, other dogs, people and kids.

After one and a half month Prince was doing great. 

Prince is a very sweet and beautiful GSP. His eyes are healed completely and he now experiences how great it can be with people and also with kids. He like to play with a ball with the son of Ivana. He is doing great with other dogs.


Too sad right that Prince already had to go through so much misery in his short life?  We think Prince will grow up to be a beautiful, sweet and affectionate German Shorthair who wants nothing more than to be at his owner's side.


Prince has a Pasport

Is chipped



Titer tested


Can not be with cats


We believe that Prince would be a great companion. He likes to be around people, can be with other dogs  and likes to play.

He has a very nice character and needs an active family who helps and guide him to grow to the Wonderfull dog and companion he can be.

He needs his daily exercises, mind work and of course a lot warmth and of love.

If you really have the time and love, you will have in Prince the best friend ever.


So if you think you can provide Prince with the love, care, time and patience he needs, please contact us.

Click here for more pictures of Prince!

Prince(New name is Vito) is reserved for adoption

DSK Prince.jpg


German Shorthaired Pointer male around 8 months.

This gorgeous boy with his long ears is a new GSP under our care. We name him Pablo💖

Like many of them, Pablo's story is sad. 

Pablo💖 wandered alone on the streets of Serbia (Zrenjanin city) for many days or even months.

He was in search of food and a warm corner because it was cold. He entered in someone's yard but that was not a good idea because people were chasing him. Luckily and thanks to one wonderful lady Smiljana, he was brought to safety and then she contacted us. 


He was fully examined. He is around 8 months old, not microchipped, not neutered, weighing 20 kg.

He is active and he has great looks,

He is sweet  and he is a very good and playful boy.

He is a young dog still growing so he will also get supplements for growth.

Someday Pablo💖 will have a beautiful and loving forever home that he so much deserves. 


As soon as we have more info about his character etc, we will update it.


He deserves a chance to find a forever home.

We are sure he would make a fantastic companion to someone who can give him a home that he deserves.

If you are sure you can give him a great 4everhome?

Then please contact us!

Click here for more pictures from Pablo!

Pablo is reserved for adoption



German Shorthaired Pointer male around  3 years.


Sammy will be in a forster family in the Netherlands from March 22, 2024.

After consultation you can visit Sammy there to see if there is a match.

This very handsome 3-year-old boy is Sammy.

He was rescued on Thursday 27-04-2023.


After he has spent the whole winter as an abandoned dog on the streets of Serbia, some people that know him, have made a Facebook post about. him.

Sammy was not feeling well, he was shaking and vomited. We asked immediately if someone could bring him to our vet. Luckily, one nice lady brought Sammy to our Vet at her own cost and we are very thankful for that.


Sammy was fully examined He is around 2 years old and very skinny. On blood analysis he has slight anemia, and on 4D test it showed that he is anaplasmosis positive. Parvo, corona and giardia are negative. He is now cured from tha all.


He is smart and has a typical GSP energy.

He’s incredibly playful and sweet and would make a wonderful companion.

He gets along great with people and dogs at the shelter.


Sammy is:




Titer tested


Not cat tested

and has a passport


Sammy will fit perfectly to an active family who understands his breed’s insatiable need for adventure.

He needs: An active household A yard with space to play and explore An adopter that can continue his training.


A family who will love him to the moon and back Sammy is grateful for his second chance and now he’s ready to take the next step into a home of his own.

He can't wait to be someone's best friend forever

If you feel you are the right home for Sammyl, please contact us.

Click here for more pictures from Sammy!

Sammy is adopted



German Shorthaired Pointer male of appr. 2-3 years.

Snoopy has charmed his way into the hearts of us all, from the first day he was rescued.

He was rescued in November 2022.

We don't know how long he was abandoned but by the way he looked it was obvious that he wandered the streets for a while.

Above all he was hit by a car. One woman brought him then into her yard where he was safe but his leg was injured and he was in pain. When we saw a message, we immediately organized everything to transfer him to our vet.

He was very skinny and too weak. 
He was anemic, giardiasis positive with a very bad blood picture. His back left leg was the source of infection. It was swollen and painful.
Radiography showed that the left side of the pelvis is broken in two places.

This poor boy was in such a bad condition, and had so many problems that they had to be solved slowly one by one. He stayed at a Pet Clinic for two months and 2 weeks.  

The biggest problem was the surgery of his pelvis.

It was very demanding and complicated surgery.

In addition to this problem, he also had a large lump of about 3 cm on the back left leg, on the side. Luckily, and thanks to the Pet Clinic team everything went well with the surgery.

Snoopy is feeling well now. He was released from the Pet Clinic and is at Dog Kingdom Shelter.

He is standing and using his leg and is separated from other dogs because he needs to stay calm. Also, at the moment he is vulnerable so contact with other dogs for him is not an option yet. We are sure he will make some dog friends when he feels stronger and more confident.

He has a long recovery ahead of him, but we believe in a complete recovery.


Snoopy is:




Titer tested


Not cat tested


Because of the condition when he was rescued it was difficult to say how old he was. After Snoopy recovered, our vet wrote in his passport that Snoopy is around 2 years old. 

We are not sure, but the way he looks we think he is not older than 6 years. 


Snoopy has been through so much already and made him a promise that one day he will be able to run and to be happy again.

His ideal home would be a calm one and with a strong leader as the only dog in house.

He needs someone who wants to take him on adventures but loves a buddy at home. Someone who will continue to work with him.

He is loving, curious, and just wants to be around people.

There is not much you need to do for this sweet boy other than show him love and patience.

Snoopy has been given a chance at life and we know the perfect person/family is out there for him.

If you are the one, then please let us know. 

Click here for more pictures of Snoopy!


WhatsApp Image 2023-04-19 at 10.09.57 (1).jpeg
Flo GSP.jpg


German Shorthaired Pointer female of appr. 3 years.

Flo is a beautiful and very sweet girl around 3 years old.

She is a lovely, energetic dog with a great character.


Flo was rescued in January 2022. (Serbia).


Flo is a wonderful dog. She has a beautiful and special character.
She gets along well with all dogs, children and just wants to be close to people.
Flo generally does not like to be behind a fence, she jumps over everything 
Ivana is always amazed at what Flo tries, she escaped several times, but she doesn't run from away.
She then runs to the front of the house and lies down on the terrace.

It is amazing what strength she has and how she can get over and through anything.
There is nothing that can stop her.

Ivana is not afraid of running away, because Ivana knows that Flo loves her and how well Flo listens to her. 
There is no way she would run away.

Flo is: 





Titer tested

Not cat tested

Flo's possible new owners really need to be with her all the time for the first few weeks (months). 
They cannot leave her alone in a yard until she gets used to it and has bonded with her owners.

Once she is used to her new situation and has built a bond with her owners, she will not run away.

Do you want to give this very special character called Flo a forever home and give her a safe and loving home, then contact us!

Click here for more pictures from Flo!

Flo is adopted

Flo Duitse Staande Korthaar.jpg
Tessa English Pointer.jpg


English Pointer female of appr. 3 years 

Tessa wasn’t treated well by her owner.

We rescued her and her two children Matt and Marry in November 2022.

All three wandered alone in the middle of nowhere, hungry, thirsty and scared.

When they were brought to our vet, it turned out that Tessa had a microchip but Matt and Mary were not microchipped.

We called the phone number which is filed in the microchipping system and got to the owner who had a few very different stories about his dogs.

In the end he admitted that he does not need them anymore because they are not useful to him for hunting.

Tessa wants is a home of her own, full of love and compassion.

She is a very active English Pointer, 2 years old.

Tessa is still very much getting acclimated to her environment, still learning to feel the safety and warmth of a place full of positive reinforcements.

She takes a little time to warm up, but he is the biggest sweetheart!

She does well with other dogs at the Dog Kingdom shelter.

Tessa is:




Titer tested


Not cat tested

has a passport


Humans haven’t been so kind to her and she truly deserves a break in life.

She is improving here day by day and we know she can put his past well and truly behind him in the right home.


Tessa needs an active home where she will get plenty of exercise, and needs to be around an owner that will show her how beautiful dog life can be.  

Click here for more pictures from Tessa!

Deutsch Kurzhaar Loki


German Shorthaired Pointer probably around 4 years

Donny is a stunning male GSP, around 1,5 years old.

He was found and rescued in December 2021 as a stray dog in Serbia, very skinny and scared.

He had an owner but when Donny was found and we contacted him, he said that he doesn’t want him anymore.  

Donny loves being around people and gets along with all other dogs at shelter.

Being a young GSP, Donny will require plenty of exercise and continued training so that he can reach the full potential of the wonderful dog he is meant to be.

We think he was outside dog, so he will need someone that can show him the comforts of being a part of a family inside the home.


Donny is:




Titer tested


Not cat tested


Like many young GSP’s, he does pull on a leash so he will need training with that. 

Donny will be happiest with a lot of attention and with another dog, or at least some play dates.

He should be somewhere with a large fenced area where he can be outside running or have a running partner. With someone who is ready to keep up with the energy of this boy.

If you have room in your home and your heart for this amazing GSP,

if you feel you could be a good fit for him, contact us.

Click here for more pictures from Donny!

Donny is adopted

GSP Loki.jpg
Enzo English Pointer.jpg


English Pointer male probably around 4 years.

Enzo is not longer available for adoption!

Enzo is diagnosed with cancer and he will spend the rest of his life as family house dog with Ivana and her family.


Big thanks to Ivana and her family for their big hearts and for giving Enzo the love and warmth for his remaining time. 

Click here for more pictures from Enzo!

Enzo Engelse Pointer.jpg
DSK Duitse Staande Korthaar Bibi.jpg


German Shorthaired Pointer female probably around 2 year.

This is Bibi. Bibi is around 2 years young.


We've got a message from Pet Clinic on 18-04-2023

about a GSP who wondering the streets for more

than 10 days in a village close to Pet Clinic.

They asked us if we could help. So we did.

Nikola from Pet Clinic went out to find the dog. He managed to catch her and took her back to Pet Clinic. She had no microchip. 

4D and Triple test were done. She is anaplasmosis, giardia and coronoa positive. She is directly spayed.

After she was cured of anaplasmosis, Giardia and Corona, she got her vaccinations and went to Ivana's Dog Kingdom shelter.


Bibi is:





Titer tested

Not cat tested


My ideal home would have a fenced yard where I could run and play with toys. I really love to run and play! I’m an active girl, very fast, so plenty of exercise, walks or running and all kinds of adventures will be a fairytale for me!  

Bibi gets along with other dogs at the shelter.

Bibi is looking for a forever family that will give her the love and time she needs to gain confidence in my new world.

She will do best in a home where the family or a family member is  around the majority of the time.

If you adopt her, she definitly wil make you feel like the luckiest family around!


If you think you can offer her the home she needs as well as provide him the training she needs, please do get in contact with us.

Click here for more pictures from Bibi!

Bibi GSP German shorthaired Pointer.jpg
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