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Here you will find the adoption procedure from GSP Reschue HR

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Adoption procedure


If you would like to adopt a dog please contact us and we will arrange an interview to discuss a series of questions regarding your personal situation, work schedule, home, garden, etc.


***Please note! We do not re-home dogs with young people or families with small children***


Sometimes we will request a home visit by one of our assessors. 

This is not always possible because we do not yet have sufficient assessors.
We share all the history and information we have about each dog we offer for adoption and also send an overview of the behaviour and characteristics of the dog, vaccinations, etc..

If both parties are satisfied that the adoption will be a success, we then draw up an adoption agreement.

The adoption costs are € 450,-***.

The adoption fee must be received by us 7 working days before departure.
The adoption fee is a reimbursement for the costs we incur rescuing them and for their transport to Germany, Then Netherlands and Belgium. 
Dogs are introduced to their new owners at an in-transit safe pla
ce before being released for traveling on to their new homes. 

The amount must be received by us 7 working days before departure.

The dogs will be transported by our partner World Princ Pet Transport,

which is a very professional transport for dogs.

They provide a safe and comfortable journey for the dogs.

The dogs have access to water during the journey and regular

stops are made to do their needs.

The transport is cooled by air conditioning in summer and during

the colder period the room is comfortably heated.

We can truly say that with World Princ Pet Transport, we have found

the ideal carrier. Click here to see the Facebook page of

World Princ Pet Transport.

The dogs have all vaccinations, microchip, passport and health, titer test certificate and are neutered before they travel.

*** Due to the rapidly rising fuel prices etc., the adoption costs can be slightly higher. We will always do this in consultation with the adopters.

If you have more questions, please do contact us via our contact page.

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