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Cookie statement

The GSP Rescue HR Foundation uses cookies or similar techniques to make your visit to our websites as easy as possible. These are also placed to ensure that you see relevant advertisements from us online.

We only place essential and statistical cookies, which do not record any data about you as a person.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or smartphone by an internet page.

Which websites of the GSP Rescue HR Foundation place cookies?

The following domains place cookies or similar techniques (hereinafter: "cookies"):





What type of cookies do we use?

We use four different types of cookies:

  • Advertisement

  • Tracking

  • Functional

  • Analytical

A little more detail?

  • Facebook conversion pixel: measures the effectiveness of our ads on Facebook and Instagram, tracks which audiences interact with one of the ads and measures conversions done within 7 days of one of these interactions. The conversion pixel is placed on This information is visible to us via the Facebook advertising management platform and Facebook.We do not use custom audiences based on e-mail addresses.

  • Adscience cookie: measures the effectiveness of online banners and advertisements that may be visible on third-party websites via the real time bidding method. Via the cookie, the visitor to one of the GSPRescueHR websites is tracked for a period of 30 days, unless cookies have been interrupted by, for example, deletion. This type of cookie is placed on and when used. This information is visible to our marketing cooperation partner.


More cookies?

In addition to the above cookies, our website or subdomains contain the following cookies:

Functional (or essential) cookie: to  enable logging in to and navigating through the website. A cookie is also used when you use the sharing of a page via social media. This is a temporary cookie that expires at the end of the browser session.

Example: you log in and want to stay logged in when viewing different pages on the website. The information recorded in this cookie is not provided to third parties, it is only stored in the visitor's browser, for a period of 180 days. This is a standard period.

Analytical (or statistical) cookie: to investigate the use of the website, we use Google Analytics on all our sites or domains.

With the Google Analytics cookie we can keep track of how many visitors a certain page has and we can show advertisements in Google's search results via the advertising program Google ads. The information we receive is anonymous. No personal data is disclosed. This information is stored in the visitor's browser for a standard period of 180 days. This gives us insight into how and how often the website is used and we can use this information to make adjustments to the websites if necessary and ensure that the website works optimally.


Allow, refuse or delete cookies

Allow: you can give permission for the cookies by clicking on the button 'Ok, I agree' in the Cookie Notification.

Refuse: if you close the cookie notification or click on the cross, the advertising and tracking cookies will not be placed. We only place essential and statistical cookies, which do not record any data about you as a person. 

Delete: you can delete the stored cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone via your own browser history. You can set this automatically or run it manually after each browser session.

More information about cookies and disabling cookies can be found, for example, on the website of the Consumers' Association.

You can read our full privacy statement here.


Last modified: August 2023

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