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We at GSP dog rescue HR, rescue, take care German Shorthaired Pointers for adoption

Duitse Staande Korthaar Herplaatsing / Germanb Shorthaired Pointer

We are a non-profit organisation that rescues German Shorthaired Pointer dogs (GSP'S) and occasionally English Pointers and Weimaraners in Serbia and Croatia.

The dogs we rescue are often abandoned or have fled abuse and end up unloved on the streets or alone in the countryside.

Our team of dedicated volunteers collects the dogs and each is then given the best possible medical attention before being housed in our private shelter in Serbia.

Our dogs that are offered for adoption will only travel after we are fully satisfied with their health and condition. We're very carefully rehoming them.

We keep the GSP dogs in a private shelter in Serbia where we in close contact with.

We provide all documents with the dogs for save and legal traveling to the EU.


We are very transparent in all we do. We post every month the overview of all costs and donations. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us,

we'll be happy to talk to you.

If you want to the dogs with daily operational and veterinary costs for the dogs,

then please use the button or our donation page.

GSPrescuehr Donate DSK Herplaatsing doneer

Our mission

Rescuing abandoned GSPs in Serbia and Croatia, providing them with veterinary help, taking care of them, and then rehoming them to suitable homes in the EU, often in the Netherlands, Belgium, and parts of Europe.

We hope that one day this will no longer be necessary.

The GSP Rescue HR foundation is registrated at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands 

Registration nr.: 89078187

RSIN nr.: 864872100

As from 09-05-2023 Stichting GSP Rescue HR is granted the ANBI status for PBO's.

Here you can find our Register data, summary policy plan and downloads policy plan and annual reports.


Tel for WhatsApp: +385925055910

German Shorthaired Pointer
GSP Rescue HR contact Duitse Staande Korthaar herplaatsing contact
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